The Slow Play: A play-along games club

Welcome to The Slow Play, a new play-along games club. It's a book club, but for games, basically: we all play the same game at the same time and talk about our experiences over the course of a month, using this blog as a meeting space to bring our thoughts together. You can find more details below. Scroll down for The Slow Play newsletter sign-up, and follow The Slow Play on Twitter for regular updates.

We choose a game collectively via a poll sent to newsletter subscribers (sign up below), and then start playing at the start of the month. Ideally, we'd choose cheap games, or ones available on inexpensive subscription services such as Xbox Games Pass. Ideally we'll pick games that allow for different approaches so that we all have different stories to tell.

You can share your thoughts on our Discord (subscribe to email newsletter below for a Discord invite link) on Twitter, or via email, and I'll pull those comments into future posts. If people want to write more extensively than a comment, then great! I can publish those words in their own post for everybody to read.

As we continue to play over the course of the month we'll build up a bank of stories, bouncing off each other's ideas.

If you're keen to join in, you can sign up to a newsletter below: don't worry, I'll only send emails infrequently, and only when I have something new to say. Only newsletter subscribers will be able to vote on our future games, to avoid random Twitter spam. If you have ideas or just want to show your interest, send me a tweet/DM on Twitter, or drop me an email at

And feel free to make any other suggestions that you think would benefit the club. I'm all ears! 


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