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I'm a freelance journalist writing about video games, tech, and (occasionally) real estate/housing. You can email me at sphorti@gmail.com.

Most of the time, I'm writing about video games for PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, Kotaku UK, TechRadar, VG247, Kotaku, GamesRadar, and others. In addition to my feature and review work, I'm PC Gamer's weekend news writer. You can find examples of my news writing here.

I was previously Digital News Editor of Property Week, and I still write for them on a freelance basis. My full job history is on my Linkedin page. If you want to read my property articles, click on the tab at the top of this page (for mobile, first click the menu button).

I'm from the UK, but I'm currently based in Canada.

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After 15 years, Max Payne 2's ridiculous physics still make it a must-play | PC Gamer

It took me a solid hour to remember why I loved Max Payne 2 when I booted it up the other week in honour of its 15th birthday...
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