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After 15 years, Max Payne 2's ridiculous physics still make it a must-play | PC Gamer

It took me a solid hour to remember why I loved Max Payne 2 when I booted it up the other week in honour of its 15th birthday...

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The Occupation review | PC Gamer

The Occupation, a game about investigative journalism, feels like a rough first draft of something spectacular...

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Devs reflect on the impact and legacy of Burnout Paradise | Gamasutra

“Nobody was interested” in Burnout Paradise prior to its release, series co-creator Alex Ward tells Gamasutra. “I remember taking it to E3, and pretty much nobody came to see it. The folks running EA [the game’s publisher] were thinking: ‘get that game done and then make another one’. We were just happy to survive it, really.” The team at Criterion Games did a lot better than survive – they created one of the most-loved driving games of all time. Fans’ passion for the open-world racer remains
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