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War Games Become Vital History Lesson as Greatest Generation Dies Out | Glixel (Rolling Stone)

Charles Scot-Brown, 94, is watching Call of Duty: WWII’s soldiers storm Omaha Beach. “It’s basically authentic,” he says. “Whoever designed that knew something about what they were doing.” And he’d know: at just 20 years old, he left his native Canada to take charge of a platoon of soldiers in...
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Kingdom Come Deliverance: finally an open-world game with an addictive story | TechRadar

I can never bring myself to finish open-world games. I've sunk hundreds of hours into the likes of Skyrim, The Witcher 3 and Far Cry 4 without completing their main stories, and I'm completely fine with that. For me, the thrill of marking a distant corner of the map, heading for it and seeing what happens is often far greater than going through the motions of a scripted story. But Kingdom Come: Deliverance feels different. Its story has hooked me in a way that few games manage, and despite its
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Why cracking a tough mission in 2014’s Door Kickers is one of the best things I did last year | PC Gamer

It looks slick, doesn’t it? A polished SWAT squad that knows exactly when to move and which angles to cover. When Door Kickers comes together it’s a fluid dance of flash grenades, muzzle flashes, and dead terrorists. The problem is that you start each mission with two left feet. The short video above is the result of more than two hours of testing and probing, trial and error, and many trips back to the drawing board. Polishing it off was genuinely one of the best feelings I had with a mouse and
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Should kids be taught using Minecraft? | Rock Paper Shotgun

“The 14-year-old me was weeping inside” says Tom Bennett, the UK government’s school behaviour tsar. He’s recalling the time that Ian Livingstone – the co-creator of both Games Workshop and Fighting Fantasy, the series of role-playing books – called him a “luddite”. “It really upset me, I used to love the books and the games that came from them.” The reason Bennett became the target of Livingstone’s ire is because of his views on Minecraft in classrooms. Last November, Microsoft released Minecr

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Fortnite makes it hard to play a silent assassin, but we tried anyway | PC Gamer

In this series, I play Fortnite Battle Royale using a set, restricted playstyle that gives me just enough tools to have a reasonable shot at a win (providing my terrible aim holds up). I’ll play 10 rounds following with each ruleset, hopefully bagging a few kills and learning more about the game on each outing. The rules: I’m an assassin. Naturally, I can only use silenced weapons, which limits me to the silenced pistol and the suppressed SMG. I’m only allowed to shoot another player once I get
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Crossing Souls review | PC Gamer

Crossing Souls is a nostalgic buffet of '80s and '90s favourites. Its story harks back to Stand By Me and The Goonies, its mechanics are borrowed from Streets of Rage and Battletoads, and it's packed with references to Star Wars and Back to the Future. While some of its references are overplayed ("I'm sick of running after everyone. What do you think this is, a role-playing game?"), they're generally harmless, and most times you'll at least crack a knowing smile. As a tribute act, it works.
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The 12 best drop locations in Fortnite Battle Royale | PC Gamer

Choose the right drop location in Fortnite Battle Royale and your inventory will soon be bursting with weapons and ammo. Pick the wrong location, however, and you’ll be a fish out of water, running around aimlessly with nothing but a useless pickaxe until another player puts you out of your misery. Last week’s added a ton of juicy spots to the west of the map, some of which I’ll cover in this guide—but some old favourites on the eastern portion remain excellent options, and they’re now less bus
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How the loot box controversy shaped gaming in 2017 | PC Gamer

I opened my first loot box in 2010. It was a TF2 crate, and I’d paid real money for a key in the hope of unpacking a rare hat with fire shooting from the top. All l got were a few stock items (a feeling that I’m sure we’re all familiar with), but it didn’t stop me pouring more cash into the Valve loot lottery in the years that followed. After TF2’s loot box success other companies followed suit. As one developer anonymously told Wes in his examination of the arguments for and against loot boxes
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15 ways to solve Human: Fall Flat's ridiculous physics puzzles | PC Gamer

Human: Fall Flat is less dopey than it looks, though it does look very dopey. From screenshots you might think it's just a goofy physics game about gelatinous jelly people straight out of Gang Beasts who flop around castles, power plants, and train depots, but it's also a fairly smart puzzler—once you get the hang of its fiddly controls. Your left and right mouse buttons make you grab with left and right hands respectively. You move your arms up and down by shifting the camera, so if you look u
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Fortnite Battle Royale has become a great, arcadey alternative to PUBG's plodding pace | PC Gamer

I love PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but playing it can feel like banging my head against an armoured UAZ (without a level three helmet). I can play a two-hour session and—if I avoid dropping into populated areas—see perhaps three or four intense firefights. Or I might play for half an hour and come across one enemy, before falling to a headshot from a sniper that I never saw. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for something that slow. And that’s where Fortnite Battle Royale shines.
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Gang Beasts Puts the Raw in Brawler | Kotaku UK

My gelatinous man in a chicken suit careens across the train platform with all the grace of an uncle on a wedding dance floor. I mash the bumper buttons and he flails his arms in whichever direction he fancies, occasionally catching an opponent’s jellied jaw with a satisfying thwack. Soon, there’s five of us in a ball of death. Heads smash together, people hit the floor, wake up, and rise straight into a dropkick from behind. Occasionally, someone will hoist one of the unconscious above their s
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One Hour One Life gives you 60 minutes to advance civilization and raise children | PC Gamer

For the first three minutes of , your survival is entirely dependent on the help of a random stranger, online. A scary thought. You’re a baby, and they’re your mom—your only source of food. They pick you up to feed you, and in the process their own hunger builds. You’re a burden, in other words, and they’re trying to juggle keeping you alive with digging up carrots, picking berries, and fending off wolves.
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The secret to The Signal From Tölva’s punchy combat | PC Gamer

The valley below me is alive with orange, pink, and green lasers. Two enemy robot factions, bandits and zealots, are battling it out, and neither has seen me yet. One bandit hangs back and fires a sniper rifle, its tracer streaking across the scene with an electronic screech that echoes off the hillsides. The beam smashes into the first zealot with a sound of crunching metal, and the robot crumbles. The second bandit moves forward, powering up a beam weapon, a wide red jet that distorts the air
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Up close with Fortnite Battle Royale's massive map update | PC Gamer

This week’s Fortnite Battle Royale map update is more than a mere tweak. Epic has added five new named locations in the western half in the map, including the biggest town yet—Tilted Towers, where the buildings are six or seven stories tall—and an underground network of mine shafts designed for close-quarters combat. The development team call Tilted Towers the game’s first "city". On the ground, its footprint is about the same size as existing locations like Greasy Grove or Pleasant Park, but l
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Wot I Think – Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice | Rock Paper Shotgun

The voices won’t stop. They’re whispering in my ear, gnawing at my skull from all angles. “Turn back”, one says. “They’re watching you”. “She falls for their tricks every time,” says another, cackling while Senua screams. More than once during Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice [official site] I had to fight the urge to rip the headphones from my ears. As a portrayal of how harrowing it is to live with psychosis it undoubtedly succeeds, and it uses Senua’s illness as a route into an excellent eight-ho
Kotaku UK

Off With Their HUDs! | Kotaku UK

At the time of release, Far Cry 3 was a mess. A great game in many ways but, visually, an absolute dog's dinner. The UI was a mishmash of arrows, icons and waypoints cluttering the screen — a constant distraction from all the good and indeed beautiful stuff beneath. The kickback eventually prompted Ubisoft to introduce new settings, allowing you to turn off the aiming reticule, enemy awareness meters and the annoying XP counter that always popped up during firefights.

Team Fortress 2 still has plenty of life left in it, and Pyro's new toys prove it

Team Fortress 2’s latest update, Jungle Inferno, is proof that the magic is still alive. Every year there is talk of TF2 running out of steam (no pun intended), and every year it continues to draw a crowd (also no pun intended - or, indeed, present). During the recent four-day Jungle Inferno event the number of concurrent players spiked to its highest level since 2014. It has dropped off a little since, sure, but it looks like it will stabilise around 70,000, which is roughly the same as in 2013
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Wot I Think – Ark: Survival Evolved | Rock Paper Shotgun

I had it all planned out. I’d reach level 21 and unlock tranquiliser arrows, which I could then shoot at a triceratops to knock it out long enough to tame it. Then I’d craft a saddle for my newly-owned Trike (as it’s known in the game) and stomp around collecting more berries than I could feasibly eat in a lifetime. I’d use those berries – including Narcoberries, which help keep dinosaurs asleep while you tame them – to breed a small army of raptors, more Trikes and a flying Pteranodon to transp
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