How to contact me securely

Below is advice on contacting me with confidential tips or other sensitive communications. 

In general, avoid using a work phone, work computer, work email address, or work WiFi network to contact me if you're worried about your employer finding out. 

You can use Tor browser, which masks your IP address, for extra protection.

If you only have a work device, login to a public WiFi network you don't regularly use, and use Tor browser. Be aware of surveillance cameras or people looking at your screen.

Contact details: email

My account on ProtonMail, an end-to-end encrypted email service, is — you should contact me using your own ProtonMail account (free account setup here) to ensure full end-to-end encryption.

Alternatively, My email address at the BBC is — you can encrypt emails sent to this address for extra security using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). 

To send encrypted emails to me you'll need my public PGP key. My key's fingerprint is 17AA A32C AB0A 5453 1B61 93A8 C86B 29F9 98AF 8B79.

There are many online resources that tell you how to encrypt your emails. The simplest route is the browser extension Mailvelope, which you can download here. The Freedom of the Press Foundation has a guide for using Mailvelope that you can read here. Note that Mailvelope only works with Chrome or Firefox browsers.  

Contact details: messaging

I'm on encrypted messaging service Signal at +447801504020 — setting up a Signal account requires your phone number.

If you'd rather not use your phone number to set up a Signal account, you can contact me on secure messaging app Keybase — my username is samuelhorti

I'm @SamuelHorti on Twitter, with DMs open. Do not use Twitter for sensitive conversations, but feel free to DM me if you want to discuss other communication methods.