Huawei Watch Buds review | IGN

The Huawei Watch Buds are more than just a gimmick. Earbuds that you store and charge inside your smartwatch might sound ridiculous, but after three weeks using them I never want to go back to standalone buds in a case. I loved not wondering where my earbuds were or whether I needed to pack my charger for work – and clicking the case open to reveal the earbuds hidden inside never lost its spy-like charm.

Both the watch and buds are solid pieces of tech in their own right: the watch looks sophis

The best desks 2017 for home or office | T3

If you’re after a desk, it’s hard to know where to start. There’s thousands online, from standing desks and monster work stations to dinky things that you can just about squeeze a monitor onto. We’ve filtered through the noise to bring you the best of the best, no matter what your requirement.

Right now the House by John Lewis Airframe Desk is the best desk you can buy in our opinion. It’s the right size for most people, it looks stylish, and it’s dead easy to put together. Having a glass top m

20 gadgets for the ultimate connected home | TechRadar

The dream of having the ultimate connected home can sometimes turn into a nightmare. A complicated set-up process, iffy apps and a disconnected infrastructure can mean you spending hours just trying to get a light switch connected to your router.

As with many tech advancements, the true innovations are often 'one-offs' that can also work as part of a wider setup, and we've selected 10 of the best such devices.

These gadgets are powerful, yet generally easy to use and easy to connect to your ph
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